Are You Ready To Siege The Day?

Playing Rainbow 6 | Siege on PC is an amazing experience… it is truly an adrenaline-packed, tactical co-op first person shooter, which puts the player right on the spot! As team members die in the game, they become observers, potentially observing how you are playing as a team member in the match. Therefore, there is really no room for mistakes when playing Rainbow Six online as everyone sees what you are doing. This means you have to be on top of your game when going head to head with another team. Therefore, making this game super competitive, highly re-playable, as you keep wanting to sharpen your playing skills, upgrade your weapons, get the best cosmetic gear and charms to ultimately wreak havoc in style while everyone’s watching! Of course, this mechanic is available in variety of other games across platforms, but Rainbow 6 | Siege, make this experience spectacular!


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Overall rating
The good
  • Excellent Weapon Design and Mechanics
  • Very Diverse Characters and Gadgets
  • Next Generation Destruction Mechanics
The bad
  • Removal Of Key Content (Planning-Phase)
  • Needs Additional Multi-Player Modes
  • Extremely Shallow Single-Player Campaign,

Especially when you are the last man standing in your team, and you end up killing everyone on the opposing team and winning the match all by yourself! As an experienced operator or a terrorist, you have access to various cameras across the facilities, and you may help your team members via the in-game VoIP/Chat system, to help them locate enemies… this is what true coop is all about! Helping your team, even when you’re down.

Well Balanced & Challenging Experience

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six | Siege truly captivates the player with its well-polished weapons presentation and keeps them coming back for more and more! The Renown system in the game is excellent as well. Players get Renown in order to unlock operators and additional items in the game. This universal currency system feels extremely rewarding as the game is very challenging, realistic and tactical. Additionally, the renown count goes higher if the player plays more proficiently, therefore generating this valuable and addictive rewarding environment where all your efforts are properly rewarded. Well… unless you have the “Starter Edition”, then Ubisoft really makes you work for your Renown.

On the other hand, with the regular or the Gold Editions, all the in-game prices are relatively lower than the Starter Edition, which is basically the discount version of the game. We like to call it the “annoying” version due to the fact that while playing The Starter Edition… the prices are cranked up so high, every time you want to unlock a new operator, it feels like you’re paying it with your life! I mean all the Renown related prices are literally doubled! For example, if the original game was giving you a new operator for 12,500 Renown, now you need to bust your behind, to get 25,000 Renown to get the same operator.

And let me tell you… getting renown is not very difficult, but it’s extremely time consuming in a sense that you need to be in a good team and actually win to get useful amounts of Renown. You also have to be a good player yourself, to get decent amount of renown after a match. So if you’re doing terrible and your team sucks as well… you’re in for a long grind to Graceland. Hence, the ($15 Starter Edition) is an excellent promotional tactic to lure serious players in… the ones who have not had a chance to check out Rainbow 6 | Siege yet… because Ubisoft knows, once you start playing this game… you will fall in love with the game and immediately buy the Season-Pass! Amazing how that works, but it works.

From content point of perspective, there are tons of cosmetic upgrades the player can either unlock with Renown, or just flat out purchase with R6 Credits. R6 Credit system is the only micro transaction system that Rainbow 6 | Siege offers. It’s very well implemented and it’s noticeably successful as the weapon skins, charms and uniform sets make it extremely addictive for the player to keep coming back for more, and put as many hours as they possible can to either get that new uniform which they wanted for a week, or the new weapon skins pack which they had their eye on for a while. It really does not force any item on you for actual money transaction, but sure as heck makes it difficult to get higher tier items for normal effort. On the other hand, seeing other players with pimped out guns and sexy gear, one can’t help but to take out their wallet and let Ubisoft have it! It’s amazing… probably the humblest micro-transaction systems in any game thus far, given the usefulness of the items. I mean, everyone sees them, it’s amazing!

An instant Hit From Closed-Beta!– ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network

On the other hand, the game brings a fresh style of a game-play, which pays heavy attention to tactical, situational awareness. In other words, your character is not designed to be a bullet sponge. Every bullet counts, and every second counts! You get shot once you are dead in most cases. If you’re lucky enough to have “Rook” in your team, you might be able to put on a bulletproof vest, which will absorb 2 to 5 shots the most from small arms fire. But that’s about it! The game is solely designed to be a tactical first-person shooter and a simulator, but since it’s developed by Ubisoft, which is incredible! It has very detailed HUD, which notifies the player about almost everything that’s happening around… including a seamless team member over-head symbols and notifications… which are great, but somewhat takes away the realism and the simulator category. Nevertheless, Rainbow 6 | Siege delivers like no other game delivers in its class. We can proudly say that R6 falls under the new genre of on-line platformers, such as Tom Clancy’s The Division… which was an instant hit right from Closed-Beta!

On the contrary… while it was amazingly fun to play Rainbow Six |Siege, it certainly had its downsides and frustrating moments. Having said that, I’m going to cover all the issues which we have experienced in playing Rainbow Six | Sege, so the reader can properly prepare themselves for the unavoidable disappointments, as it’s always good to know what you’re getting into.

When the game was first announced back at E3, in 2014, the reveal footage was the “Pre-Alpha” footage captured from a Multi-Player match. The sequence had an opening scene from the topological view of the map. The house was surrounded by police vehicles with lights on, and helicopters were hovering around the house trying to scope out the locations of the terrorists from the windows. It looked so realistic, it almost felt like scene from a movie. Ultimately, introducing the players in a very seamless conversation in regards how they are going to breach the house. It was extremely refreshing to see a natural player rendered story blended in with the multiplayer map selection process by the team. Also, the location selection was performed right on the screen with yellow check-marks and drawing tools… just like SWAT would do on a chalkboard before gearing up for a raid. All this was extremely new at the time of the reveal back in 2014… come to think of it, it is still new today as it never made it to the final release version. The final release version offered a very cut-and-dry version of the game, which was painfully forced upon the patiently waiting fans, ultimately leaving them feeling like they did not get what was promised.

So, here we were back in 2014 with the introduction trailer / gameplay, giving us all this wonderful goodness of this innovative game, with all the tools and the ability to truly blend in with the game and get immersed into the world of urban tactical combat. The reveal trailer gets everyone excited and hyped up, people start Pre-Ordering the game and are mind-blown about this extraordinary game which they have never seen before… to find out all the coolest content has been absolutely taken out in the final and official release version. The reason? Nobody knows! Actually… more like “Who the F#$%K knows?? It’s Top-Secret, it’s Classified, don’t worry about it, it’s just a game right? Wrong! Nobody likes to be over-promised and under delivered. No matter what age they are.

Having said that, it’s understandable that at the time of release, the technology to integrate the opening scene’s mechanism into the actual on-line gameplay was going to maybe cost exponentially more money than it did without it. It’s understandable that it was a tough task to accomplish “at that time!”. But the game is rolling into Season-2 and this core content is still missing… and this is a “YUGE, YYUUUGGE!!” problem! The problem is that the game feels extremely washed down to be completely straight forward… when it comes to character detail and movement, it just flat out does not deliver! And I’m going to tell you why!

So to put this entire thing into perspective… the main selling point of Rainbow Six | Siege, which hit a home-run at E3 back in 2014, not only got taken out… but also the character models’ detail and movement got absolutely abandoned at the time of development… because the character models look exactly the same as at the time of the “Pre-Alpha”… if not worse! All, meanwhile the HD Weapons Pack gets released, and makes the weapons and skins look exponentially amazing… of course for people who had high end video cards like GeForce® GTX 1080 Xtreme Premium cards sitting in their systems. So, content which was going to be making immediate money got added and optimized, but the things that were absolutely broken, incomplete and annoying, never got touched… even till today as Season-2 rolls by.

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Imagine having the game on “Ultra” settings, on Over-Clocked Gigabyte GTX GeForce Extreme Edition setup to display 60FPS and actually delivering it! At the same time, showing this game to us like it’s Call of Duty infantry running their ass off to the next checkpoint back in 2003 when computers sucked! I mean even the sounds are terrible in the beginning while you’re rushing your way to the actual confrontation site. It sounds like someone is throwing asphalt at your ears and face, even with 7.1 Surround Sound Headset. It feels like someone keeps kicking you in the back of the head with a military boot! It’s ridiculous! All meanwhile your team members are running along with you and everyone looks like they are made from “tactical bricks”. The standing poses are unnatural! Absolutely bear minimum effort was put in making the characters resilient like “The Division”, and it’s dreadfully visible. It’s frustrating how much time the development team can spend on content which makes money, with such high detail in the weapons and skins department, but do a really terrible job at polishing out the characters, which pretty much do not contribute monetarily. The characters are made to look natural only when they are squatting down. If they are doing anything else, the entire thing looks unnatural. It really takes away from the realism and the emersion factor, which Ubisoft desperately enforced upon the player in all the marketing materials, including the E3 Trailer.

Now let’s talk about the environment a little… I keep reading reviews about the environment of R6 being super realistic, and it’s mostly true! However, a lot of the attention in general is focused only at the “internal” environment of the game. However, we’re not here to talk about the things that are already talked about and obvious right up front, we’re here to talk about the things that have “not” been talked about. Interestingly enough, the internal environmental destruction was well accomplished in Rainbow Six | Siege… however the external environmental destructibility was absolutely incomplete. The design factor was excellent in the game… internal objects and interactions with objects was precise and realistic, especially at times of heavy combat… but everything that was located outside, was only mildly destructible. Bullets had minimal environmental effect on objects, glass damage was very cheesy as shattered glass effects would feel like throwing rocks at windows back in the days of Nintendo 64! No dynamics, no physics, no tire damage, no cool sounds when bullets went through the windshields, or headlights. I mean the outside felt like it was just put there because the game could not exist without the outside environment, so they had to make it. The smoothness, the agility, the realism and the elasticity of the characters are absolutely absent in the characters in general.

The game does a really great job on weapon design, movement, reloading scenes and “internal” environmental damage. However, it completely disregards everything other than those “in your face” items. It’s somewhat unnoticeable in the beginning as you’re just trying to get the hang of the game, and learn all the things that take your attention away from these details… but once that phase is gone, the entire thing falls flat on its face. Boredom sets in, it gets overly repetitive when the matchmaking fails to round you up with a good team over and over again. Once all the learning is finished, the game turns into a grind fest for Renown, and ultimately forces more creative players out of the game, till new content is released hopefully saving the title from utterly failure.

Now, let’s get physical! As any other Tripple-A title, we expected Rainbow 6 | Siege Collector’s Edition to be absolutely awesome, but it turned out to be somewhat awesome, but a whole lot of useful! Ubisoft had a collection of items bundled up for R6 fans comprised of a tactical backpack with the Rainbow 6 logo on the back. Also, a tactical cap with the logo up front, and on the side. The steel-book for the DVD-Rom version of the game, a Carabiner, Art of the Siege Tactical Guide and the Season-PASS! Oh… did we mention the Operator Badge-Pack?!?? YES!! That one!!! Just freacking awesome! We give a lot of props to the Rainbow 6 Team for thinking practically and providing the hardcore fans of Rainbow 6, with the items they can certainly use every day and even on the job! Seriously, the backpack was sexy! So, if you can get your hands on a Collector’s Box… don’t even hesitate for one second! Just get it… you’ll hank yourself later.

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In sincere conclusion, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 | Siege is both… hit and a miss. It’s love and a hate. However, it’s one thing for sure… and that’s highly addictive! It’s apparent that the design team put a tremendous effort in making the weapons and characters look well-polished, extremely life like, and just excellent in the pre-match splash screens and character selection screens. However, like mentioned earlier… the “in game” characters truly lack the polish that some of Ubisoft’s other Triple-A titles possess. A prime example is Tom Clancy’s The Division! As Rainbow 6 | Siege is already in Season-2, and the technology is certainly available to Ubisoft, the “cross breeding” in not happening in this case, which should as it will make this game exponentially more valuable. Having said that, Rainbow 6 despite of being somewhat of a nuisance in the character development department, it truly puts you in the operator’s shoes to experience something that would have been impossible to experience just about 10 years ago. It’s just amazing to live in an era of technological advancement which this game delivers on an exponential level and brings long dreamed ideas to life… and you as a player becomes part of this evolution. All in all, playing R6 is an amazing experience, and Ubisoft should absolutely continue the support of the Rainbow Six | Siege On-Line platform, to evolve this game the “go to game” for tactical close quarters combat!

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