The most ambitious game in decades was featured at Gamescon this year, from the publisher Roberts Space Industries. Titled “Star Citizen”, this is a new monumental space-sim. unlike any other. The latest iteration, 3.0, will feature a whole planetary system to explore. In the meantime, players will be able to land on planets and explore the landscapes which will create this new and emerging experience which was never available in any other game out there till today. Previous releases, that of 2.4 and on, concentrated more on the space flight aspect and mechanics. However, in this updated version of the game… the tides are about to change! Can this be the go to game for all space lovers who are looking for a deeper experience than just a space flight simulator? We’ll find out soon enough!/p>


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Overall rating
The good
  • Fractal Technology & Truly Never Seen before Next Level Realism!
  • Massive Systems, Planets, Worlds! Lifetime worth of content to explore.
  • 1st Title in the World to a be a ``AAAA Game Barrier Breaker`` Candidate!
The bad
  • Pre-Alpha State & Related Issues.
  • New Ships are released with Strict Purchase Time Intervals.
  • Highly addictive even in Pre-Alpha State! You'll Love It! You've been warned.
Star Citizen Reliant Sen Researcher

With a huge assortment of fully equipped shuttles, all with spectacular attention to detail, in some instances requiring a whole fleet of excursionists to operate. Star Citizen brings an unprecedented degree of sandbox game-play, made up of procedurally generated regions of space and planetary systems, in mind boggling numbers. Although, as of this article, only one planetary system is complete and explorable. The release of 3.0 is by most standards an alpha release and the completion of the game is still unknown as it is an ongoing development.

Large Planets! Fully Interactive Space Stations & Moons!

A recent attempt of this game with such a massive scope, failed on arrival as it was highly anticipated then quickly forgotten as the “No Mans Sky”. Star Citizen promises to be more expansive than any other same sim. before it. For now, 3.5 will feature a star system with four large planets, fully interactive space stations and moons. More will arrive very soon as development continues. Due to the fact that Star Citizen is a crowd funded project… current access to ships are rewarded through monetary contributions, however, developers have already announced that ships will be available to earn in future releases.

Developers have also managed to improve overall performance with the new release, providing better frame rates and less erratic performance. This is due partly to more options for the player to choose from in regards to graphics. The new performance optimizations also provide seamless transition between landings and traversal throughout the fully traversable planets provided in 3.0. Base mechanics also see incremental improvement with 3.0, with shops and locations within space stations and planetary landing areas. Weapons are more balanced and ship speeds will have noticeable increase.

One of the most impressive new key features is the facial recognition technology which will allow gamers to scan their face and play as themselves in the Star Citizen universe. As well as item system 2.0, which is a complete revamp of customization and interactivity with NPCS and all everything else. Ships will have more controllability as well, with more buttons to use and interact with and even items within the ship can be interacted with. These Items will persist after your logout.

The New Star Citizen Update Will Not Be a Small Improvement– ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network

vary based on planetary specifications, natural cosmic phenomenon will occur as well, such as eclipses and more. NPCS in 3.0 will be far livelier and will allow players to have the ability to participate in quests. One other massive long-awaited improvement which comes with 3.5, is the total overhaul of Mobiglass (the interactive smart wrist computer), featuring a plethora of tracking information and stats for players, like finances and quest logs, including progress. Star maps within Mobiglass will become easier to navigate and more expansive then before. The list of new features is massive so please visit the developers website for more information as listing all of them here would be daunting.

In conclusion, the new Star Citizen update will not be a small improvement, it is a massive realization of most game-play aspects of the game, edging us closer to a final release in the near future, we hope. With all that being said, Star Citizen will bring ground breaking realism and interactivity unlike anything ever seen before in a space Sim. We are super exited for Start Citizen’s newest update which is in the works, and we just can’t wait to get out hands on this game not only for in debt review, but also to stream it for our fans worldwide! This is such a revolutionary game, it will be a shame to not share it with our fans around the world!

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