Due to legal issues, the game broke away from Oovee Studios and launched an upgraded version of the game called the Mud-Runner! Mud Runner is a Spintires game, Developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive, which helped bring the game to the Xbox-One and PlayStation 4 arena including the already existing PC Platform. We are super stoked to find out that this amazing game got revived by the original developer, who obviously had more passion for his own project than some of the entities involved in the project to begin with.


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Overall rating
The good
  • Ultra-Realistic Mud and Terrain Physics
  • Extremely Beautiful Locations & Weather
  • Seamless On-Line Multi-Player System
The bad
  • Not Too Many Vehicles By Default
  • No Single-Player Campaign Tutorials
  • No Game Saving Mechanism

Consequently, a game which made headlines is now back with vengeance! When we first looked at SpinTires, it was at the time of its prime. However, gradually the game deflated due to lack of support from Oovee Studios, ultimately completely halting operations, which left this amazing game at the mercy of the player community. Having said that, the game was mod-abled, and there were tons of people with custom vehicles playing this game off-line of course, but despite the lack of on-line support for mods, the game proved to have a strong player base. Which is amazing given the fact that it’s an Indy feature.

A True Off-Roading Simulator

In the original SpinTires, there was absolutely no single player campaign. The entire game felt super cut and dry. The player would start the game, and basically chose any map they desired to play on, and ultimately start the game on that map with about 3 vehicles at their disposal, and absolutely no tutorials once so ever! It was your responsibility to figure out how to enter vehicles, chose add-ons for your journey, plan your route… and head on to the journey and the objectives, which in most cases involved going to designated lubber yards, loading lumber onto the truck you were off-roading with and hauling ass to the dump yard where you would basically finish one of many objectives.

The lumber yards were super difficult to get to… the maps by default had fog-of war enabled on them, so you could not just go straight to your objectives. The game was really based on scouting first to discover the map, then you had to somehow manage to come back to your main truck, load it up and head to the objectives. Just to make it clear… the scouting process on any map would take you approximately 2-3 hours. It sounds crazy, but if you were doing this in real life… it would be reasonable… and let’s not forget that this is a true off-roading simulator, so it was 100% understandable!

This all sounds kind of boring… till you get into the actual game and figure out the gameplay nuances, then it turns into this beautiful monster of a game, which addicts you to your teeth!! It’s one of the most amazing games we have played in our gaming experience! And we were truly sad to find out that this game was on the verge of death by Oovee.

Beautiful Monster of a Game, Which Addicts You To Your Teeth!– ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network

Going back to the game… on more advanced maps like the Volcano or the River for example, you would start off with half tank of gas in all your vehicles. Matter of fact, you would start with about ¼ tank of gas in your main truck which was going to be used to carry the main load… in addition to that you would get an UAZ which is like a Russian Humvee, which was the scout vehicle… and few other light-weights to create a diversion in the beginning. But if you were seasoned veteran, you knew what was up! So here is where SpinTires kicks ass regardless of what anybody says! Since this game tries its best to be a hardcore simulator of off-roading and extreme terrains, the scenarios are super realistic. So just like in real life, if you have fuel deficiency, what do you do? You PLAN like a boss! This means taking the UAZ and going around the map to figure our where is each gas station and lumber yard is located. Let’s assume you found out all these locations on the map and took a good account of them, then you have to decide which routes you are going to take in order to make this entire project come together.

You have about 4 lumber yards, scattered around the map, there are maybe 2-3 gas stations on the very opposite sides of these lumber yards… your vehicles are not fully fueled, and you have to basically make more than 3 runs in a best-case scenario to complete the mission. So, what do you do?? That is the million-dollar question… and keep in mind, if you get stuck somewhere in the game and you are playing on the hardest setting, which is the best setting to experience this game to its fullest potential… you are done! Game over! Nobody is coming to get you… you need to start over. Therefore, you have be smart and plan ahead!

After scouting the heck out of the map, you take the main MAZ-7310 vehicle which has ¼ tank of gas in it and haul it all the way up to the nearest gas station, which is a nightmare to get to, due to it’s location. By the way, if you make 1 mistake in your route selection process, you will run out of fuel about 1 mile from the station. So, you have to be on the SPOT! You take this vehicle to the station, fuel it up and head back down to your garage. Then you take the orange KRAZ-Cistern and do the same… however, when you come back to the base with the full cistern, you have to then tow the cistern with your main MAZ to the middle of the map, where you will be doing your main hauling… so this way, when you run out of gas in the MAZ, you can quickly re-fuel and continue without having to go to a gas-station on the other side of town.

This is one of the challenges the player faces in the vastness of this game… but it’s extremely rewarding once you pull off these missions. They absolutely teach you lessons which you would have never learned if you have not played this game, or never been off-roading for that matter. Is just so darn amazing!

Having said that, on October 31, 2017… it was announced that the new game is available on Steam for purchase. This was such an exciting news as the developer promised to keep this game live and kicking in the future as well, with tons of new features and most importantly with “seamless on-line multi-player”. Seems like all our test surveys, results and technical requests have been seen by the current developer, and we love this game because of the dedication from the Development side!

Available At BestBuy Now! Available At Target Now! Available At GameStop Now! Available At Amazon Now! Available At WallMart Now!

Even though The Mud-Runner is a new version of this epic game… it does not disappoint at all! It seems like they took all the best parts of the game and supercharged it to the max! It is the Ultimate Version of this indie hit Spintires. It’s a huge upgrade over the original game, and in this edition, it comes complete with a brand-new Sand-Box Map Joining mechanism, alongside the games 5 original maps, which are also geared towards multi-player!

The game has experienced tremendous amount of graphic overhaul, new challenge modes are now available, with 9 new dedicated maps, and about 13 new vehicles, including other comprehensive improvements. These include wider selection of 19 incredible all-terrain vehicles like mentioned before, advances and re-mastered physics for newer generation CPUs, complete perilous objectives and deliveries in extreme conditions, new game mode for greater challenges available for solo or 4 player co-op and much more!

Being a longtime fan of the Spintires, we can’t possible express our excitement in regards this new release of the millennium! It was a wonderful project, a very well thought out project and a project which landed many software and developer awards including the Intel® Award for the amount of work and effort that went behind developing the physics of this muddy simulator. We are super proud to be part of the ongoing development process of Mud-Runner and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing and intelligent game!

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