Every Millisecond Matters!

Need For Speed Series is one of those racing games which almost boils your blood while you’re in the driver’s seat of Wolds famous super-cars and mind boggling police chases which keeps you coming back for more and more. We have been with the Need For Speed series since the good old days of Need For Speed 2. It was one of the more prominent games which used to ship with high end PC’s, such as the Sony VAIO! At the time it was still one of the best racing games, as you literally had to race your ways through the narrow corridors of Europe with world’s most famous and expensive super-cars, to tome up on the top as one of the most notorious racer in the world!

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Seamless On-Line Single & Multi-Player Racing
  • Ultra Realistic Police Chases With Super-Cars
  • Strong Line-Up Of Exotic Super-Cars
The bad
  • Extremely Glitchy In Multi-Player Mode
  • Frame-Rate Issues On-Line Due To Ping
  • Very Dull Single-Player Campaign Cinematics

However, all this got exponentially supercharged with the latest release of the Need For Speed series, leading to the most played and respected title… the “Rivals”. Rivals brings the entire experience of NFS franchise to its pinnacle, as this version has a seamless single player campaign blended in with the multiplayer campaign via the All-Drive system which is ultimately Synchronized with the mobile app of the Need For Speed Rivals.

Keeps You Coming Back For More & More!

Players can quickly download the app from their mobile app store and connect to the game and other players via another dimension so to speak and interact with the racers who are either being chased by the police or are the police who are chasing racers. The choice is ultimately yours in regards which side you would like to participate in. But, regardless of the choice, the All-Drive assistance is almost identical.

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You can help your friends re-fill their turbo’s, so they can extend their getaway a bit longer in hopes of securing their reputation and pulling out all the cash they have accumulated in the game. It also adds another layer of gameplay, knowing that you have people watching you and cheering for you in the background, which exponentially adds to the excitement factor of the game.

That being said, very frequently you will have friends and foes randomly entering the world of NFS Rivals to either chase you while you’re on the run or join your team to help you escape the police pack which is chasing you fearlessly for the past 5 minutes and has already worn you down. It’s a blessing to have these friends helping you in the thick of times to not only have you gain the money you’ve earned in the chase, but also save you time, as once you get caught by the police, you get absolutely nothing! Everything gets lost on the spot and you have start all over again! But always remember… every chase is absolutely different!

Nothing Short of a Masterpiece!– ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network

Need For Speed Rivals is one of those games which you keep coming back for more and more! Not only it’s a constant satisfying experience to race alone, but it’s also a crowd pleaser, as it blows anybody’s mind who might be sitting next to you and watching you play! In short, it’s a mind-blowing power house of an adrenaline rush!

On the contrary, NFS lacks a bit of core content, which is somewhat disappointing, but not totally unexpected, because to be completely frank… it’s a racing game. Even the movie was somewhat flat, as far as the plot was involved. I mean, there is only so much you can do with a story which involves rich kids racing super-cars. However, It’s nothing short of a masterpiece. Even with all the lacking cinematics and boring cut-scenes, the game truly does what it’s supposed to do… give you a hardcore adrenaline rush in your pants when the stakes are high, and you’re on the verge of losing all your 2 hours’ worth of reputation and earnings in a chase. It’s one of those feelings that not many games can deliver… and this comes directly from the police-chase factor! If you have not picked up Need For Speed Rivals yet… we highly recommend buying this game instantly and getting into the world of Rivalry, as you have never experienced an adrenaline rush like this in any racing game before. Not owning Need

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