Middle Earth Shadow of war is one of many greatly anticipated games that is coming out this year in 2017. It Is the continuation of Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. The Adventure continues with Talian and celebrimbor. The two journeys to the Four corners of Mordor. Minas Morgul (Minas Ithil), Gorgoroth, Cirith Ungol, Seregost and Núrnen. All regions have Fortresses and all of them can be sieged and captured. There are tons of quests including public quests which reward you gold. There are main quests Side Quests and Public quests which are called vendetta’s that mean a real player has besieged your fort or has killed or attacked your forced and you must avenge them or must capture the fort back. Now what happens in the multiplayer doesn’t affect you other then you gain experience or in game Currency if you dominate an orc captain in a multiplayer vendetta match. Once you do, you don’t keep them but they will help you during the sieging prosses.


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Now you must take into consideration when playing this game that it does not fallow the original J.R.R Tolkin’s Storyline and yes, the story does take place in Middle earth but the events in this game don’t occur because Talian doesn’t exist in the original Lore. At times the story does get repetitive, but they try hard to keep it entertaining. The game does revolve around Dominating orcs and sieging all four Cities in Mordor. There is a lot of Orc politics involved in the game there will be a lot of backstabbing in the game by your Orcs and it will most likely happen when you are in a dire situation so the game kind of makes you paranoid in that manner if you will. The Nemesis system has been upgraded dramatically this game feels like this version should have been the 1st version.

Very Entertaining and Fun!

Overall, I find the main storyline very entertaining and fun. The game has a tendency to take you away for hours and if you are a Lord of the Rings fan boy you will love this! I sure did and also there are tons of artifacts to collect from the first Age and the Second. You also collect Shelobe’s memories and this will also give you experience and if you collect all her memories alongside with all the artifacts you will unlock more talents on your talent tree. Talian Also gets major Upgrades including new looting system and Gem socketing and upgrading system, there is a Diablo 3 aspect to this game. there are tons of, Epic and Legendary Items which you can upgrade by doing specific quests. One of the major upgrades in the game is the Graphics of the game, the upgrade is very unapparent and you will notice it from the beginning. The Controls of the game are very smooth and is very easy to play.

Lastly, the game has added a market place in game so there is a micro transaction in the game and lots of game reviews have frowned upon this feature of the game however, one great thing about this game is that you don’t need to spend any dime on it other than just buying the game of Couse. Don’t let this feature destroy the gaming experience because we are ushering in a new golden age of gaming.

The Game Doesn’t Punish You If You Don’t Pay…– ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network

Almost all the game you buy on steam now have some sort of micro transaction built in game or on steam. I personally don’t mind because there are lots of people now days that don’t have too much time to play games and if they can afford to pay why not. But the game does not punish you if you don’t use real money. Like I said there is an in game currency. Also, we must take in consideration that anyone who plays the game and spends more time on it is ultimately going to be better at it. This is how things work but the game doesn’t punish you if you don’t pay. If you do end up spending money in the beginning, you will be punished because all the loot and the orcs you get at a low level will be equivalent of your level. in the Market you have three types of chests, you have Loot Chests which gives you normal up to Legendary weapons and Armor and Rings, you have War chest which gives you your Orcs which goes in your garrison menu.  The Verity of orcs come from epic to legendary orcs and Legendary Orcs are the Blue Orcs which have more abilities and they hit hard as well… that’s no brainer, but they are very highly skilled then epic Orcs and its very bad to lose them. You also have Loot boosts and Experience boosts in the market and you can only use gold to buy them.

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Now you will be rewarded gold overtime when you do public quests. If you finish the entire game and unlock all the achievements, you will have 600 Gold for free at the end of the game. There has been reports of the game crashing during online streaming when OBS is being used I personally have not had this problem yet. Overall this is a great game if you enjoy playing Assassin’s Creed series. I believe you will enjoy this game and if you are a Tolkin fan, you will enjoy this game even more! The multiplayer makes this game highly repayable and I do recommend this game in your Library.

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