To Live Without Hope Is To Cease To Live

Artyom returns in this epic post-apocalyptic dystopia. The remaining survivors of a nuclear fallout, dwell in the subterranean nooks and alcoves, the last haven for survivors. From the nuclear ashes arose monstrosities and mutants, creatures born from fallout. The only remnants of mankind struggle to gather resources and thus, factions have formed amongst the dwellings, to secure what little resources remain.

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Extremely Enthralling Atmosphere
  • Highly Polished Out Visuals
  • Excellent FPS Combat Mechanics
The bad
  • Not Very Innovative or Unique
  • Lacks Polish In Certain Areas
  • Predictable Game Elements

Metro exodus first debuted at the Microsoft E3 press conference giving gamers a glimpse of what the future of Metro will hold. From an aesthetic prospective, the game is absolutely stunning, environments and weapons look better than previous iterations. Exodus appears to have a similar atmospheric, engaging and immersive world, which the Metro series is famed for. There are however notable differences in this new iteration of Metro.

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Absolutely Stunning!

Exodus will feature open world elements, though not completely open world. Unlike the 2 previous titles, there will be a greater emphasis on freedom to explore. For the most part, Metro has been a linear On-Rails, experience and so the developers have taken a different approach to Exodus in regards to world exploration. Developers are dubbing this approach, “Sand box survival”. With greater freedom to explore, new environmental elements will be featured as well, including a day and night cycle, adding to the immersion. 4A has also confirmed that there will be settlements above the subterranean domiciles, providing new and exciting content to current fans of the series, previous iterations focused more on the underground aspect of the Metro universe.

Atmospheric Sci-Fi Msterpiece!– ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network

Following the events of its predecessor, last light, Exodus will continue the plot from the “Redemption Ending”, which is considered cannon by the developers. Artyom will be leaving Moscow to explore more of Russia.

The radiation will be varied based on areas of the map, radiation will have subsided in some parts of the map, in turn, environments will vary wildly.  Aside from all the changes, Exodus will keep a lot of the narrative and game play components from its predecessors while enhancing many core elements. Crafting will be far more comprehensive, providing much greater possibilities, of course all of this will be dependent on the players scavenging abilities.  Traversing the Russian landscape, however, has changed quite a bit with the inclusion of train travel.

Although that has not been officially confirmed. Exodus will likely keep other core mechanics, ammunition will still be used for bartering and the storyline will remain cumulative, or so we hope. In conclusion, Metro: Exodus is garnering tons of hype and anticipation, considering the brilliance of the previous renditions of the game, inspired by the atmospheric SciFi masterpiece written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the video game adaptations have been phenomenal. This latest adaptation of the Metro epic will only accelerate the momentum, judging by what we’ve seen thus far, Exodus will prove to be a marvelous work, yet again from the talented folks at 4A.

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