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      ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Participation Guide and Rules

      Participants are responsible for reading and understanding these rules. By participating you agree to these rules.

      Who We Are & Why Are We Here?

      Welcome to Alpha Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN). We are an elite video gaming community, comprised of I.T. Professionals who strive to experience video games the way they were meant to be experienced. We not only test and review video games, but also help our subscribers configure, troubleshoot and build their own Advanced Gaming Systems.

      Our main goal is to bring gamers closer to Developers in order to achieve the ultimate harmony in future gaming. Too often there is a disconnect between gamers and the development teams, and we strive to shorten that gap! (ARGN) Forums are geared towards discussing important and technical topics in regards building Gaming PC’s and Extreme Gaming RIGs, helping gamers understand some of the core causes of the issues with games and systems and ultimately helping gamers truly enjoy the time they are spending in front of their systems in the virtual world! With all that being said… we also appreciate the honesty, integrity and respect or our community members. Therefore, we’ve put together a guideline to help our users preserve this positive environment in our community.

      Keep to the Topic…

      Keep topics within the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network’s (ARGN) Forum’s general purpose.

      Be Civil!

      This is NOT a public forum but all participants are real people. Please respect people with differing views. No insults, name calling or inflamed speech. Personal one-on-one arguments, disagreements or personality conflicts are not appropriate on this discussion forum. Attempts at humor or sarcasm should be labelled accordingly. Verbal Attacks or Threats will be strictly dealt with and may lead to your being barred from taking part in the discussion forum – This keeps the Forum safe. If content is illegal it will not be displayed. Personal attacks or public threats against the safety or security of participants or the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) are not allowed. If you receive private communication from another participant that causes you serious concern, you may communicate that to the Moderator, but no action will be taken by the Moderator to intervene in private disputes among individuals except to prevent offending parties from taking part. When a moderator takes any action this may not be communicated to any other party. If you feel you have privately received an illegal threat via email, you should contact the appropriate legal authorities. ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) is not responsible for any private behavior.


      Private stays private. Don’t forward private replies without permission of the original author. Contact the moderator if in any doubt. Always respect the privacy of others and yourself. Don’t be re-active. Always be pro-active! That means, think before you post.

      No Rumors

      Avoid false rumors. Rumors of a personal nature are not allowed. Asking for clarification of what you’ve heard in the community can be appropriate if it’s “Topic-Based”. You alone are responsible for what you post.

      Right to Post and Reply

      Sharing your knowledge and opinions with your fellow citizens is a democratic right. Only those who are registered with ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) and are members may post. Any person that is a registered member of the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) has a right to reply.

      Items Not Allowed in Forums

      No attachments. Send any files you wish to share to the Moderator, who will store them in the files section if they are relevant to the discussion.

      Commercial advertising and chain letters are prohibited in the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) forums. Email based posts must be plain text without file attachments.

      Comments or complaints about forum management or complaints about member rule violations must not be posted to the main forum. Instead, direct such messages privately to the Moderator.

      Public event promotions and links to commercial, media, or non-profit on-line content related to the scope of the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Forum are not appropriate.

      Participant “signatures” providing links to the work or projects of an individual are not acceptable, and the display of specific products for sale are not allowed.

      Public Content and Use

      This is not a public forum this is a forum specifically designed for the use of registered members of the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) to discuss matters at hand in respect to the Video Gaming Industry.

      Warnings and Suspension

      ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Forum is moderated by ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Directors or members assigned by the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Directors.

      Moderators reserve the right not to publish postings that are deemed offensive, illegal or otherwise unsuitable. Should a posting to ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Forum be deemed objectionable, the moderator will contact the author, explain the reasons and encourage the participant to revise the posting so that it is acceptable. You may lose your right to participate based on your behavior in the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Forum. You may also regain your rights if you thoroughly explain yourself via a written medium such as e-mail, fax or physical letter explaining “why you think we should allow you back into (ARGN) community”. You may receive informal or official warnings from the Moderator if your postings violate the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Forum rules. After two official warnings, you will be suspended permanently from ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Forums. Technical maintenance, full e-mail inboxes, or excessive bounced messages may cause a member to be temporarily or technically removed from the Forum or result in a delayed distribution of their posts. In these cases, the member may rejoin the forum at any time.

      Moderator Responsibilities

      Moderators shall behave in a manner that models good participation skills to other participants. The Moderator accepts, rejects or holds messages for posting. The moderator may propose message changes by email to a registered member to conform to the participation guide and rules. The Moderator will respect your privacy. Any personal information given to ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) for your subscription to the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Forum will be used only for the purpose for which it was intended. Should these rules be amended, the Moderator will announce the changes in the Forum.

      Forum Sponsor and Publisher

      ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) as the publisher of ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) Forum is legally liable for its content. To minimize the possibility of legal litigation, Moderators screen postings prior to publication. Postings are screened to ensure that the participation rules are respected. Postings are not screened to prohibit different views from those of Management or other members of the forum.

      1. Please provide feedback to the Moderator: moderator [@]

      Privacy Statement


      Forum Privacy Statement

      This statement outlines ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) policies in line with its commitment to ensuring the privacy of your information. This privacy statement applies to the entire website. Specific provisions may apply, however, to a particular part of the site. These specific provisions will override any general privacy provisions and will be posted on the site as it is further developed.

      3.Law Statement

      Information Collected

      You cannot access this site anonymously without disclosing relevant member information. Statistical information is collected each time you visit the site to tally the number of times you visit the site, the time and duration of your visit, your use of specific pages and the address of the last site you visited (if you linked into the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) site from another website). This information is only used to evaluate the effectiveness of the site and is not used to identify individual web users.

      Email addresses and other contact details you may have provided to request information will not be added to a mailing list or disclosed to a third party without your consent unless we are required to do so by law.


      ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) will use cookies and your agreement is assumed if you use this discussion forum.

      Security of Your Personal Data

      ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) aims to protect the quality and integrity of your personal information and uses appropriate security and technology to maintain information, prevent unauthorized access and ensure the correct use of information.

      Further Information

      Any inquiries about this Privacy Statement, should be directed to Council’s Privacy Officer: privacy [@]


      Original Material

      All original material, including but not exclusively, text, images, logos, icons, designs, audio, video and documents on this site is protected by the Copyright Act 5. (Circular 92 | U.S. Copyright Office), and International copyright laws. The logo image on the “Home” page is the property of the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN).

      6. Posted Messages

      Copyright of messages posted to this forum remain with the person posting them. By posting an original message, the message author agrees to allow ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) to distribute the message via email and the Internet and to include it in a publicly accessible on-line archive in perpetuity. While original message authors retain their personal copyright, they grant others the right to publicly quote portions of their message on this forum.

      7. Content Reproduction

      No content produced here may be reproduced on any other website, forum or through any media electronic, digital or analogue, written or through any other coded means. The only exception to this is where any statement deemed to have consequences might be called upon as evidence in a court of law.

      Requests for Reproduction

      Should you need to reproduce material that appears on this website for any other purpose, you must contact the management of ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) for expressed written permission. Requests for reproduction from this web site should be directed to Marketing Department: marketing [@]


      Discussion Web Site

      This is a discussion web site and opinions put forward in posted messages are those of author and formally independent of those of the ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) management team, advisers, assistants and moderators.

      Site Information and Opinions

      Information published on this web site is subject to variation without notification, as may be required for technical or other reasons. The ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) does not accept any liability for any loss or damages resulting from information or opinions put forward on this web site.

      Links to External Websites

      Any website address links provided from the this website are provided for convenience purposes only. The ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network (ARGN) accepts no responsibility for the information or opinions contained within external websites.

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