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Here is the solution to this problem, and the cause of the problem is actually overlapping and leftover registry items of driver software which at times gets stuck in the registry of the PC during the Windows Uninstallation process and does not let the new drivers fully take effect. In some instances it creates multiple driver instances due to this issue as well. So here is the solution…

1. Make sure you disable your Anti-Virus Software… shields and everything!  Comodo’s Sand-Box screws with EVERYTHING! 
    A) Make sure your PC is 100% Up to date with Windows!
    B) Make sure you disable your SSD Acceleration through (Intel Rapid Storage) Software, (**IF you have SSD acceleration) or RAID-0 configuration! <— THIS STEP IS SUPER IMPORTANT IF YOU HAVE ACCELERATED SSD-CACHE INSTALLED ON YOUR PC.

    C) Make sure you take snapshots of all your NVIDIA settings before you re-install the driver, so you can save time after the install and get back to GAMING! 😀

2. Completely Remove your current Driver from your computer using the NVIDIA’s Uninstaller with "SAFE MODE" feature:  http://www.wagnardmobile.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=592

3. Reboot, then install the GeForce Experience immediately… (You can download and keep GeForce Experience in your downloads to make this process quick),

4. Re-Install the NEWEST driver from NVIDIA through GeForce Experience!

5. Re-Install the game if you have to… if it’s giving you booting issues. (Not mandatory)

6. Run your cleanup software to make sure your registery is all good… you can use CCleaner for now if you don’t have anything else: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download

7. Root PC and Enjoy Yourself! 😛