Far Cry Primal is the Pre-Historic and the low-tech version of the Far Cry Series set back in 10,000 B.C. in the Stone-Age Era where giant mammoths and sabretooth tigers rule the world of Far Cry!  That being said, Far Cry Primal by no means is a low tech. game by its design or sacrifices any technology for that matter.

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Open-World Sandbox Adventure
  • well Polished Out Fight Mechanics
  • Lush and Beautiful Environments
The bad
  • Does Not Offer On-Line Multi-Player
  • Uses The Same FC3 & FC4 Game Engine
  • Poorly Compiled Collector's Edition

If you have played any of the Far Cry Series in the past, you already know how the mechanics of this game work to a certain extent. However, if you are new to the series, this specific title is the perfect Far Cry for you, which you should expand your mind with. No joke! Far Cry Primal is probably the most amazing version of the Far Cry Series to date, and we will explain why in detail.

If You Can See It… You Can Go There!

We started our Far Cry adventure from the days of the Far Cry 2, which we picked up with the Video Card we purchased at the time. However, after playing this game for over 100+ hours, we realized that there is something really special about it. It was the first game ever to create a beautiful sandbox environment for a first-person shooter, which would allow the player to literally travel anywhere on the map. In other words, if you could see it… you could go there! No questions asked. There were absolutely no other games at the time with this specific feature… and being an adventurer by nature, this intrigued us to the bone!

We once passed Far Cry 2 on easy, just to get a good feel of it, then went back and passed the entire game on the “Infamous” difficulty level, which was an upgrade that got added later on with the digitally remastered version of the game called Far Cry 2 | Fortune’s Edition. It was the most amazing experience, and it was around this time when Far Cry 3 was just being discussed in forums and internet in general.

Right after Far Cry 2, we dove into the Far Cry 3… and nevertheless, it delivered! Far Cry games are usually popular for not only their main character as being the protagonist, but also the map or the setting which you play in. It’s actually more plausible to say that the environment of the Far Cry series is the true star of the game… however, that somewhat takes away the player’s relevance. In any case, this game is super fun to play as you can literally approach any situation or any mission in any way you want.

If you are a stealth combat fan, you can absolutely James Bond the heck out of the missions and Splinter Cell your way through hostile camps, strangle enemies, drag them under bridges, and stairs to pave way for victory! Which involves basically killing all hostiles, preferably without triggering any alarms in the base camps for the re-enforcement assistance… which come with like 4 fully loaded vehicles specifically to kill you! Oh, and they communicate together as well… so if someone sees you, they will radio it to their buddies, and the next thing you know, you’re surrounded by bunch of assholes! Once you kill everyone and claim the territory, that territory becomes a checkpoint which you can use later to fast travel and continue the game from that specific point. This “fast travel” system was not present in Far Cry 2 by the way, which was somewhat wonderful, as it made the game that much more realistic.

Exponentially Unique & Soul Touching Experience!– ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network/cite>

So, in a sense… after Far Cry 2, the realism of the series somewhat vanished, as based on popular demand Ubisoft created this Fast Travel mechanism which literally spans you anywhere on the map… if you unlocked that area already. In addition to this, they took out the weapon jamming mechanism as well, which was a total turn off.

With Far Cry Primal however, few of these problems are absolutely irrelevant, as there are no modern weapons to jam, and also there is a difficulty level, which is called the “Survivor Mode” that makes this game super realistic true human characteristics in the combat such as getting tired and hungry, which makes you get tired quicker practically making it impossible to survive really in any mission. All these biologically correct features make the player plan heavily before every story.

This means making sure you get enough sleep, stack up some food, make sure you have all your inventory lined up for night adventuring… and most important of all, make sure you have a strong companion next to you like the wolf or the bear to keep you company at night… as the living world of Far Cry Primal get exponentially dangerous at night, as predators love to hunt at night with packs for the most part. So, you have to be on the pro-active side of things and plan ahead instead of being reactive and end up getting eaten by a black bear in the middle of the night… in other words, you have to plan your adventure properly. We truly believe the hardest difficulty levels are the best way to play several games such as Far Cry Primal and games in this category in general… as enabling this difficulty level unlocks the Pandora’s box of opportunities and experiences which the player would have never experienced on easy.

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Far Cry Primal is one of the best survival games out there for players with a strong urge for adventure. The map is huge, and the story is deep! The settings are beautiful, and the map is comprised of multiple geographically correct environments including jungles, and mountain sides including snow and mechanics for survival in the cold! It’s one of those games that pulls you into the story, and does not let you disengage for 1 second, because of it’s beauty and emotional attachments to the characters. We truly enjoyed all Far Cry Series… however Far Cry Primal is a diamond in the rough!

If you have not played the Far Cry Series before or have not played Far Cry Primal to be more specific and you have spare time in your hands to dive into this game of Primal Survival? Do not hesitate for a second… purchase this game, get a comfortable chair, grab some snacks and dive into the world of Far Cry Primal where there are no laws, no rules and no governments to answer to. It’s all about you, your tribe, your most immediate tools and weaponry. You are the master of your giant club… and you are there to save your race from being cannibalized by a tribe which believes that consuming you will cure their disease and give them a 2nd chance in life! How you end Far Cry Primal… is totally up to you!

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