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Escape From Tarkov is an upcoming First Person Shooter (FPS) Simulator with stunning visuals, in which the players follow story driven Quests and insanely hard PVP Extraction Matches in a war torn city of Tarkov, while fighting for their life to survive from other players who on the other hand are simultaneously trying to accomplish the same, mixed with A.I. SCAV. units which are scavenger units who are looking to kill any PMC with extreme accuracy and tactics who dares to enter their Tarkov… the beautiful city where they used to live, with their family before the military conflict.


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The good
  • Hazardous Environment Combat Simulator
  • Real-Life Ballistics & Projectile Hit Physics
  • Ultra Realistic Weapon Degradation Physics
The bad
  • The Game Is Still In Open-Beta Environment
  • No Official Release Date Has Been Announced
  • Not All Tarkov Locations Are Available Yet

If you have enjoyed any of the Far Cry series in the past, then you will love Escape From Tarkov, as just like the Far Cry series, Tarkov is truly the main character of the game. The game environment and the city of Tarkov even though shredded to pieces, but looks amazingly detailed and well developed. It’s probably the best looking war-torn environment ever developed by an Indy Developer, which surprisingly was developed with Unity Engine. Also given the fact that Tarkov is filled with extremely useful loot, which is another major monument in the game’s structure, is just extremely addictive to say the least. There’s also a spot-on experience system lurking in the background of Escape From Tarkov. The more you use specific set of skills, the more experienced you get with them. For example… if the player uses the A.K. Kalashnikov all the time, then the A.K. Kalashnikov’s reloading skills will get upgraded. Once the upgrades start to unravel, the player starts reloading the weapon like a professional operator, instead of a rookie. The reloading times become less and the player stays more on point. This type of attention to realism is what gamers truly want!

Meet a New Breed of a Shooter!

When Far Cry 3 got released in 2012, a lot of the hardcore fans of the Far Cry series, more specifically the Far Cry 2 fans, were really disappointed in the fact that the weapon jamming, and the weapon degradation systems were completely taken out of the game… it was extremely disappointing to find out that hardcore fans were truly upset that this mechanic was completely ignored in a game that made Far Cry 2 such a sensation worldwide! Shortly after the release of Far Cry 2 and even earlier, forums were buzzing with the fact that it’s the first game of its kind to feature a system which simulates a real life realism based on environmental variables.

On the contrary, even without those ultra-realistic features, the true Fans of Far Cry still supported the game fully, and I don’t think that will ever change. However, we knew that there was truly something missing from the game, as we kept going back to Far Cry 2 after finishing Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 respectively, to fill in that void of the realism that was lacking in the newer series.  Having this in mind, we’re not trying to place Far Cry series on the spot here, conversely since it was the 1st game which introduced the weapon degradation system to players… it’s the only game we can truly compare to when it comes down to realism on that level. This is where Escape From Tarkov really nails it down precisely, as when you play Escape From Tarkov… you can’t help yourself from thinking “OMG! This is Far Cry 2 on Steroids! I Love it!! Take all of my money BattleState Games!”.  You see, the developers in Russia at BattleState Games are like the “wizards of gaming sensuality”. They seem to know what drives the gamers from deep down the core… and delivering those elements in Escape From Tarkov is not only a warm welcome from the millions of fans around the world who were let down by washed down FPS First Person Shooters recently in general, but also it’s an eye opening experience for gamers who have absolutely no clue what realism feels like nowadays in games. We truly believe that if you play Escape From Tarkov to its full potential… you will most likely fall in love with the Adrenaline rush of moment to moment diverse and realistic tactical scenarios, but you will also stop playing any other shooters again, as the lack of realism will absolutely ruin the experience of other shooters for you… Now let’s dive into the details of the game itself!

Hardcore First Person Shooter (FPS) with “Ultra-Realistic” Inventory Management System!– ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network

Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore, super realistic and semi-open world First Person Shooter (FPS) Simulator with Role Playing Game (RPG) components such as “ultra-realistic” inventory management system, which also introduces a health management system with a monitoring dashboard in the menu to keep a good tally on your character’s blood pressure, intoxication level, stamina, tremor and shock severity, and much, much more!

There are ultimately 3 factions in the game. The first faction is the USEC which is employed by the Notorious Terra Group International Corporation, which is a privatized military group, sent in from an outside funded political group to engage in armed clashes, hindering of investigation of Terra Group activities carried out by the local Russian authorities to uncover what initially triggered the chaos of Tarkov. On the other hand, there is the 2nd faction which is called the BEAR allegedly created on direct orders of the Russian government to uncover any evidence of the Terra Group’s illegal activities in regards pushing Tarkov into state of chaos for political gain.

Lastly, there is the 3rd and very diverse faction, which is the (SCAV), also known as the Scavenger faction. This faction is an absolute random configuration of a character given to the player either by choice, or when the player is almost at the point of not owning any weapons due to loosing too much gear. Keep in mind that you lose all your gear when you die in a raid, and you can find out more from the Official Website of Escape From Tarkov below. The great thing about the Scav. class is that it fits perfectly with the environment. Imagine If there really was Tarkov, how would the people who chose to stay and fight behave towards anybody who was an invader? They would have shot the invaders on sight, and took all your belongings!

In general, first person shooters today seemingly follow this very strict set of rules, which for a strange reason eliminates realism… everything is super fast paced, and geared towards pleasing they eye and the least experienced player… and yes realism at times can be brutally honest to the player, but that does not mean it’s a bad feature just because it makes the player feel negative or “not in control” to be more specific. Keep in mind that real life is based on variables, and it’s an extremely important factor when it comes to video games, as ultimately video games, especially simulator type games like Battle Field 4, Far Cry 4, Arma 3 should really aim for this experience.

But very few developers such as BattleState Games, Oovee Studios and Bohemia Interactive (partially) actually achieve this in their games. Nevertheless, these games do not get much attention from the Media. This my friends… needs to change. Ultimately if you love a video game, tell everyone about it! The more you support your game and the developers of that game, the better they will make the game in the future… not even stating the fact that it will keep them in business… who likes to work for free? Not very many people… So support developers, it’s a win-win all around!

On the contrary, developers have to keep one thing in mind when it comes down to developing simulator type video games if they want to keep expanding their player base instead of keeping it constant with the same routine and the same fanbase who likes the same routines… the smallest details are the ones that matter the most. Like they say it on social media… “Keep it real!”. We have to remember that every generation is absolutely smarter and more capable than the previous generation… additionally, the new generation also learns faster and intellectually advances faster as well than the previous generation.

Having this in mind, not only computers and technology advance exponentially in few years, but human brain gets exponentially advanced as well. Therefore, just like technology, video games need to keep up with Gamers’ brain advancement which is consistent in time with the advancement of video games… and possibly much, much more quicker… therefore, not under estimating the fans and the player base, and keeping the realism intact, is an important factor in order to not only satisfy the gaming aspect of the mind, but also the realism aspect of the mind as well, as we need both of these components in-tact to truly have an emerging and satisfying experience, which will undoubtedly keep the player coming back for more.

Ultimately, Escape From Tarkov delivers this entire package of Gaming, Realism, Situational Awareness, Responsibility, Planning, prioritization of gear, relationships with vendors and vastly more beautifully… and the mind blowing part is that this is an Indie Development studio with enormous amount of passion in what they do, which in return brings all these elements nicely packaged into one game that is still in its infancy. We truly enjoyed playing Escape From Tarkov in Closed Alpha, Closed Beta, and the Open Beta, as it was amazing then, and with all the new features and updates BattleState Games is pushing out, and has planned to push out in the near future, we can only imagine what this game will turn out to be in the coming months! We truly hope the best to the development team behind Escape From Tarkov, and looking forward to seeing EFT join the ranks of the Triple-A titles around the world!

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