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Usually the Ace Combat series is packed with Adrenaline pumping action as you choose your favorite jet from the collection and head out to your mission or the multiplayer on-line arena. We’ve been following the Ace Combat Series since the release of the “Ace Combat Fires of Liberation” and let me say this. At that time around, because of this game we invested in a full blown X-Box 360 system in order to play this game online with others as it was not available for PC. That being said, it was all worth it, and we’ll explain why!


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Extremely Accurate Fighter Jet Models
  • Ultra-Realistic Air-Combat Simulator Mechanics
  • Extensive Single-Player Campaign Missions
The bad
  • Very Difficult To Play Without Joystick
  • Many Planes Are Identical Due To Relevance
  • Too Much Personal Drama in Campaigns

Ace Combat is one of those games which gives you one of the rarest experiences you may ever obtain in a video game. It’s a power house of adrenaline packed action which puts you in the pilot’s seat of world’s most advanced airplanes. Imagine that… back in the days, people would never experience anything like this in their lives, however with the proper technology of today, Bandai Namco Games brings you the next generation of Flight Simulators which not only shows you how the airplanes function in the closest detail, but also how dog-fights work in real life action scenarios.

Ace Combat Makes Players Engage!

In the Fires of Liberation, the game felt exponentially superior to its predecessors. It felt solid, hardly any crashes on the Xbox System or the PlayStation for that matter… it was snug, well-polished out and had extremely fun single player campaign, which would make you feel like a real pilot with the capability to pretty much pull off any mission given to you if you had an airplane for example. This feeling is a very rare in the video game arena in general, as not many games make the players engage on the level that Ace Combat makes players engage! I mean it’s intense… and you do not want to do anything besides putting the kids to sleep, so you can wear your HD headset and dive into the multilayer awesomeness of the Aces in the skies!

You are the master of your plane, and you decide who get’s punished and who does not! The airplanes are designed well, with the exact dimensions of the actual planes, the sounds are identical… the mechanics and the characteristics of the planes are spot on! This is the trait which makes Ace Combat Series very special. When you own this game… you feel like you own all the airplanes in the game! I can’t say that for many racing games, as cars change designs every year… while fighter jets get utilized in the same state of design for decades! Hence making this game very special in a sense that you own piece of history!

Having said that… Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown starts off with a “potential” of a perfect 10 in our books, as we already know what the previous series offer. Knowing Bandai Namco Games on the other hand, it gives us great confidence knowing that another well-polished out game is on its way to consoles and PC as well after a long wait! We simply can’t wait to experience the new content which AC7 has to offer. Some of the new content which has been talked about earlier include but are not limited to, new laser weaponry systems for some of the advanced jets in the game, it offers almost the same type of playing mechanics as the updated earlier series like the “Fires of Liberation”… however with 1 HUGE difference!

One of The Rarest Experiences You May Ever Obtain– ALPHA Rogue Gaming Network

Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies is ready for the VR Technology! Yes! That means you can put on your VR helmet, strap into your seat, and fly these bad boys while in full control of your viewing apparatus like no other game offers! This game was already insane amounts of fun to play without the VR technology in the 1st place! We can only imagine how much more fun it will be playing with a full VR head gear! It’s going to be breath taking and we just can’t wait for the actual release date! So, if you have not had a chance to dive into the world of Ace Combat… prepare yourself for a Mach-3 with your hair on fire type of a fun! This game puts Top-Gun to shame… let’s just put it that way! And with all these traits… we are certainly going fly this game on a fully customized Gaming-Rig / PC this time around. As much as it was fun to play the previous releases on console… PC always brings the fully polished and intended version of the game to the player. And we absolutely can’t wait to experience this Masterpiece as it was intended to be played by Bandai Namco Games!

Ace Combat 7

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